Disciplined Investors

"Value investing outperforms the broad market indices over time.
Free cash flow is the strongest fundamental of every company.
We believe the greatest rewards exist when improving fundamentals
are not reflected in the current valuation of a business."

"We believe in the strength and success of our investment process.
Management has invested their own money for the firm's long term growth."

Management Owned and Operated

Research Driven Process

"If we do not thoroughly understand an investment it will
not go into our client's portfolios. We conduct our own
fundamental research which helps us to make objective
investment decisions."


"Our fee is based on the assessed market value of a client's portfolio;
there are no hidden fees. Our success is based on the growth of our clients' assets."

Customized Portfolios

"We construct individualized portfolios for our clients
based on their short and long term investment objectives."


"For more than 25 years we have followed our
investment philosophy and process in a consistent,
disciplined manner, regardless of what style is
in favor on Wall Street."

Client Service

"Our clients work directly with the key investment
decision maker on their portfolio. We are in touch
with clients on a regular basis through meetings,
calls, newsletters and on line communications."

Independent Advice

"We are not affiliated with any broker/dealer or bank.
As independent managers we make investment choices
for our clients that are free of potential conflicts of interest."

Fiduciary Responsibility

"As fiduciaries we are held to a higher ethical standard
than non-fiduciary advisors. Client interests are first and
foremost. We are personally accountable for the quality
of our investment advice."


Why Granite

Direct access to key decision makers

Strong relative historical performance

Objective advice

Fiduciary responsibility