FedEx Has Seen a Christmas in September: Analyst

Timothy Lesko explains why he likes some cyclical stocks such as FedEx and airlines.

Tim Lesko Breaks Down GM, Boeing Earnings

Tim Lesko and CNBC’s Phil LeBeau join “Squawk Box” to discuss the latest earnings from Boeing and General Motors. Lesko owns shares of General Motors and recently sold his Boeing stake.

It’s Hard Not to Own Apple and Microsoft in This Market

Tim Lesko joins “Squawk Box” to discuss which tech stocks he’s watching in the markets as earning season gets underway.

Take the May ADP Numbers With a “Grain of Salt”

Tim Lesko and Chris Varvares, vice president and co-head of U.S. economics at IHS Markit, join "Squawk Box" to discuss the economy and investing opportunities.

The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Basically Been a Gift to Amazon

Tim Lesko says it’s hard to imagine a better backdrop for Amazon, with the surge in online sales during the virus outbreak, and as for Apple, expectations weren’t very high for iPhone sales this year, even before the pandemic.

Portfolio Manager on Where To Look for Opportunity in Markets During Sell-Off

Timothy Lesko joins “Squawk Box” by phone to discuss which stocks he’s holding amid the market sell-off.

The Latest in Apple’s New Releases

Watch Granite's Tim Lesko on TD Ameritrade Network discussing the latest happenings in the market and what investors should make of these changes.

Apple Event Could Move Stock

Hear Granite's Tim Lesko speak on CNBC his thoughts on new Apple products and what they mean for investors with Apple stocks.

Apple Has Margins To Absorb Tariff Costs

Tim Lesko joins “Squawk Box” to discuss the best moves for tech investors amid the slowing economic growth, rising costs and trade war risks.

A Global Slowdown Is a Bigger Risk to Apple Than the Trade War

Watch Granite’s Tim Lesko on CNBC Squawk Box discuss Apple's stock being responsible for having the most positive impact on all three major indices on Tuesday.

Europe’s Economy Is Weakening Faster Than Anyone Expected

Tim Lesko gives his thoughts on how China's slow growth will effect Europe, and what pressure that could put on the US economy.

Here’s How Much Earnings Will Matter to Some Major Companies

Tim Lesko joins “Squawk Box” to give a preview of what he expects from a big week of earnings.

There’s “No Real Reason” for The Fed to Pause in July

Timothy Lesko says he expects the U.S. Federal Reserve to cut interest rates by 25 basis points in July. 

Here’s Three Experts on the Raytheon and United Technologies Merger

Timothy Lesko on the merger of Raytheon and United Technologies, who will combine in an all-stock deal. The merger will create the world's second largest aerospace and defense company based on revenue.

Tim Lesko Discusses Tech Sector as Semiconductors Values Drop

Tim Lesko joins TDAmeritrade Network to share his thoughts on the values of software and semiconductors, and what that could mean for investors.

Chinese “Nationalism” Hurting iPhone Sales in China Amid Trade War

Tim Lesko joins “Squawk Box” to discuss how Apple is being affected by the China trade war.

The Latest on Apple and Facebook

Timothy Lesko and Daniel Ives, Wedbush Securities Managing Director of Equity Research, talk Apple’s big earnings beat, plus what’s on the horizon for Facebook.

The US Market Could Rally 15 Percent More

Timothy Lesko says the interest rate environment in the U.S. is “very, very pleasant,” and the market could rally further. He also says America is in a “pretty solid Goldilocks” economy.

Facebook’s Strong Ad Business Outweighs Privacy Concerns

Timothy Lesko talks Facebook earnings on CNBC’s “Closing Bell.”

Tim Lesko Talks FAANG

Timothy Lesko discusses tech earnings, possible regulations coming, and how the Mueller report impacts FAANG stocks.

This Trader Expects Apple Streaming Platform to Make Streaming Easier

Tim Lesko joins "Squawk Box" to discuss his expectations for Apple’s upcoming event. Apple is one of the top holdings of the fund.

Apple Is a Good Pick in the Long Term

Tim Lesko gives his analysis on the Apple first quarter warning.

Apple Needs to “Stop Focusing So Much on iPhone” and Build its Other Businesses

There’s no need to worry that Apple is dropping device unit sales from future earnings reports, portfolio manager Timothy Lesko says.

Apple ecosystem like a ‘roach motel’ where once you’re in, you never…

Tim Lesko, Granite Investment Advisors partner, discusses how today's product event announcements could affect the tech giant's stock.

Six-Month Earnings Lag Could Create More Volatility

Brian White, Monness, Crespi and Hardt global head of internet software, and Timothy Lesko discuss Apple as President Trump brings up the idea of six-month earnings cycles.

Episode 3: The Turkey Debt Crisis

Tim Lesko discusses the current debt crisis happening in Turkey, and what it means for the US market.

There’s “Two Sides” to Tesla’s Story

Timothy Lesko says investors in Tesla are probably “more concerned” with Elon Musk’s role as CEO of the company rather than as a visionary.

I Don’t Fear a Trillion-Dollar Market Cap for Apple, Says Expert

Tim Lesko discusses Apple’s quarterly earnings release and its valuation nearing $1 trillion.

China’s Been “Very, Very Cagey” in the Tariff “Battle”

Timothy Lesko says China is likely to resort to “traditional non-tariff barriers” as its trade spat with the U.S. continues.

Market Wouldn’t Blink if Bob Swan Goes Beyond Interim CEO at Intel

Timothy Lesko discusses the corporate impact of CEO Brian Krzanich’s resignation on Intel.

Media Merger Activity is Mostly About Content

Timothy Lesko says the battle for Fox assets is about getting more content and also distribution channels to the consumer.

Discussing the Slowdown in High-End Smartphone Sales

There is a lack of catalysts that make “the next phone so much better than the last one,” says Timothy Lesko.

Amazon Really Wants Control of the Home

Tim Lesko discusses Amazon’s acquisition of smart home doorbell maker Ring.

This Portfolio Manager Says There is “A New Trading Range”

Timothy Lesko says he would like to see higher interest rates as it “separates good companies from bad companies.”

Tech Companies Can Give a Glimpse Into Future Earnings

Tim Lesko and Mark Luschini, Janney Montgomery Scott, discuss whether tech earnings can save the market rally after suffering a selloff.

Episode 2: Bitcoin Part 3 of 3

Filmed in December of 2017. Watch Tim Lesko, Partner, and Portfolio Manager wrap up his thoughts on Bitcoin in this 3 part series.

Episode 2: Bitcoin Part 2 of 3

Filmed on 12/16/2017. Watch Tim Lesko, Partner, and Portfolio Manager expand on his thoughts on Bitcoin in a 3 part series.

How to View Cryptocurrency Investments

Timothy Lesko says bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have caught attention and investors are trying to figure a way to “play it.”

Episode 2: Bitcoin Part 1 of 3

Watch Tim Lesko, Partner, and Portfolio Manager define and share his thoughts on Bitcoin in a 3 part series.

Episode 1: Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is a hot topic among users, internet providers, and investors. In our first Episode, we define Net Neutrality, while touching on some of the key pros and cons on both sides of the discussion.