“I love spending time with my husband and children. When I am not at work I enjoy traveling, camping, the beach, watching sporting events, visiting family and friends, reading and watching movies.”


Partner, Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Operating Officer

My passion for technology and operations began with my experience in The United States Air Force where I was responsible for all base communications and computer operations. In 1992, after having spent three years in the Air Force, I began my career in business operations and quickly developed my skills while working at Taylor Investments. Starting as the receptionist and working my way up to my current position as Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Along with my partners Scott Schermerhorn and Tim Lesko, I am responsible for the management of Granite.

In my role as Chief Compliance Officer, I am responsible for conducting, reviewing, and leading all compliance program testing and effectively applying securities industry rules, regulations and best practices to the company. As Chief Operating Officer, I manage all operational aspects of the firm, focusing on client support, technology, administration and operational efficiency.

Community Involvement:

AUG, The Exchange – Ambassador
NSCP – Member
IAA – Member


The United States Air Force


Camping and Boston Sports

P: 603.410.6067


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