Why work with an investment advisor vs. going it alone?

Being in the position to invest a substantial amount of money can be very exciting—and can also be daunting.

New (and even some seasoned) investors are filled with questions, like:

  • What companies should you invest in?
  • For how long should you keep your money in an investment?
  • What should you do when there’s a sudden change in the market?
There’s a Process

Often what separates a professional from a hobbyist is process. It’s one thing to casually keep an eye on how the market is doing, and respond to dips and jumps. It’s another entirely to develop a sound investment strategy. An investment advisor will be able to guide you through key investment decisions that can have a dramatic impact on your financial future—and the realization of your goals.

People are Emotional Creatures

When markets dip, investors might panic and pull their money out of stocks for fear of losing gains. An investment advisor can help you make rational decisions during emotional times.

It’s Been Done Before

A seasoned investment advisor will have been through numerous financial and market events, and have a good sense of what to do with your money and when. This can help you understand industry trends, tap into data and insights that would be difficult to do alone and help you avoid misreading market signals.

Keeping Your Best Interests in Mind

An independent investment advisor will be dedicated to helping you achieve your goals—not those of a faceless institution. They’ll tell it like it is, share your common values, and help you navigate the many investment options available to you.

Identifying Opportunities

Investing isn’t just about buying shares in companies. There are tax implications and time horizons to consider. An investment advisor can help you learn about—and take advantage of opportunities.

Getting It Done

Sophisticated investing takes time, know how, and resources. An investment advisor handles the responsibility for making sure that all of the appropriate research, planning and execution are completed on your behalf.

Know It Will Be Okay

There are no crystal balls in investing. There are no guarantees. But there’s data. There are tools and processes. There are professionals to talk to and build relationships with. When you combine all of the above, you have the makings of a partnership that make the wins more enjoyable, and the losses sustainable. Ultimately, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that—no matter what happens—it’ll be okay.

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